Big Rapids Township, Mecosta County, Michigan
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Big Rapids Township Map

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Township Treasurer
Penny Currie
Penny Currie
Penny Currie, Treasurer
Mary Bechaz, Deputy Treasurer
Duties of the Treasurer
  • Collect all monies due the Township
  • Deposit all Township monies
  • Invest all monies to meet the cash flow needs of the Township
  • Collects property taxes
  • Collects personal property taxes
  • Administer and collect all special and special assessment district monies
  • Responsible for producing, mailing and collecting all winter and summer taxes
  • Distributes tax monies to each receiving governmental unit in a timely manner
  • Settles with County Treasurer each March for the past tax year
  • Runs or signs all township payroll and accounts payable checks
  • Attends special board meetings as needed
  • Collects sewer bill payments
Phone: (231)796-3603
Fax: (231)796-2533

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