The Big Rapids Charter Township Planning Commission is in the process of reviewing the Master Plan to determine if significant changes are needed.  This review process will occur over the next several months and will culminate with a Public Hearing for the draft version of the 2020 Master Plan sometime in the fall of 2020.  The Big Rapids Township Planning Commission meets on the Second Tuesday of each month and is interested in any comments regarding the Master Plan.  You may submit your comments in person at a meeting or in written form.

If you would like to receive the draft copy of the master plan in digital format, please submit a written request via email and include an email address. This office will prepare its digital documents in PDF format.

The proposed plan will also be posted and available free of charge on the township’s Web site at: prior to our public hearing.

Our current plan is available on our website now:

You may submit comments in digital format via email to:

Under MCL 125.3841(2)(f), each public utility company and railroad company owning or operating a public utility or railroad within the local unit of government, and any government entity that registers its name and address for this purpose with the secretary of the planning commission, shall reimburse the township for any copying and postage costs incurred in receiving a hard copy of the proposed master plan or final master plan.